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tow bar on a cup

Im thinking of getting into karting but will have a problem getting everything to the track. Should I consider buying a cheap van/estate or is it possible to put a tow bar on a cup not that I want to especially.

Please advise




Van mate or rear seat removal

tow bar i dont think is possible

get yo self a rascal and put a cbr600 engine in it


tow bar on a cup:eek:

Go for the van option - dont ruin a nice car with a tow bar.

Also think of the resale values plumiting - i would not want a sports car which has been used for towing

Thanks, youve confirmed my views, I wouldnt like to see it with a tow bar really but didnt want to pay for anyother load of insurance etc etc..


hi well i know some people dont like it but yes you can fit one you need a 1.4s tow bar and the monting holes have to be drilled +-6mm to the back i fitted my old one from my mk1 to a mark 2 with no problems my pics on the site of my old car show what it looks like