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Towing eye fixing position

  RS4, Dax Rush v8
My son is sorting his Clio 3 RS for a trackday and one thing required is obviously a towing eye. Whilst he has the eye from the boot when you remove the towing eye cover from the front bumper there is no hole in the cross member. Before removing the whole bumper assembly I just wondered if this is a common problem and a very simple explanation.
On the other hand is it something weird like we have a French chassis and an English bumper so the hole is on the other side where there is no cover??!!
Any help appreciated.
  RS4, Dax Rush v8
Yes it is a bit odd. We expected this to be straight forward. Problem is you can't see this cross member from in the engine bay so the only way I can see is for a bumper removal. Then depending on what is found either drill the bumper of the cross member.



ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
I'm wondering if the crash bar has been off at some point and put back on the opposite way, so the hole is on the passenger side...
  RS4, Dax Rush v8
That's a concern given there is no record or evidence of an accident. however we can but look. I assume from what you are saying is that the crash bar is interchangeable side to side which if that is the case we should be able to swap it back. It would also imply perhaps a non too careful repair whatever the cause for the removal. Looks like a bigger job than anticipated!!
Thanks for response.
  RS4, Dax Rush v8
Just had a word with my son who tells me when he bought the car it had already had ktec engine mounts fitted and we wonder if removing the front cross member would have been an option for access to the engine mounting changeout. Have you any thoughts as to this possibility?
It looks like I might be getting my hands dirty this week!


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Shouldn't have needed the bar removing to do engine mounts.

If i'm right it should just need flipping over 180 degrees if you get me.
  RS4, Dax Rush v8
Yes I understand about the flipping thro' 180. The picture is fine thanks. I assume once the bumper is removed it should be fairly easy access and just remove 4 bolts. Sounds simple but never turns out that way once I start. Many thanks for the interest and help. I will keep the thread updated once we know what the situation is.



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  dan's cast offs.
am sure it will only go on one way? sits closer on the passengers side fwir??
  RS4, Dax Rush v8
I think the only thing to do is take the bumper off and see what I find and then make a decision as to what to do. If it does only go one way the only thing to do would be to replace it. If it is fitted the right way round for the distance on the passenger side then I can only assume it is not the right crash bar for the car. Very unlikely to be a manufacturing fault in the making of the bar. If the hole is on the other side than I have a choice of drilling the bumper or replacing bar with the correct one.
Only will really know when the bumper is off.

chris blue

ClioSport Area Rep
  172 Ph1 2001
Was always a bit wary of removing the front bumper, but once done a couple times, its pretty straightfoward
Its the bolts behind the wheel arch liners at the bottom that are the pig
  RS4, Dax Rush v8
Cracked it.
Yes the best option we decided was to remove the wheel arch plastic protector rather than try by partially undoing it and trying to get in the small gap. we did try that first though!!
The answer to various questions is as follows;-
Yes the collision bar does sit further forward on the passenger side than the driver side.
Yes it will fit either way round.
The brackets are what makes the difference in position from driver to passenger side.
To remove collision bar you only need to undo two bolts and remove, then turn bar round the right way and re-bolt.
PROBLEM: Whoever had taken the bar off in the first place had put the bolts in differently at each end. You cannot remove the bolt if the head of the bolt is on the top such that the length needs to come through the bar and bracket which means the headlight is in the way. This needs removing to get the bolt out. The bolt at the other end had the head at the bottom and hence would drop out ok.
ISSUE: Not sure which way they should have gone back (normal method is head at top so if nut comes off the bolt stays in situ) but I put them head at bottom and applied some threadlock. At least you can get the bar out without removing the headlights now. I'm sure I will be told if that is a major no no.

I've attached some photos to help clarify. First one shows angle from driver to passenger and the gap difference. Second and third are as the bar was and as it is now.

Result is eyebolt now fits where it should.

Thanks for all comments and interest.


  RS4, Dax Rush v8
Yes thanks. Now I can go back to my armchair, slippers and pipe!! or I can prep my kit car for the track as well.

Cheers ?‍♂