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Track = Dead Brakes

  Clio 200 Black and White
Hi All, I'm new to Cliosport, just got my subscription last night (worth it for the discount at K-tec alone).

I drive a 2005 182 FF with Cup and Aero packs.

Had an awesome evening on the track last saturday, my bro chasing me in his Mk1 Elise.

Managed to keep the Elise back for most of the session so I'd say they're pretty evening matched (his is pretty standard bar uprated discs and pads). Basically whoever had the passenger ballast (my girlfrind ;)) was slower around the track. Got a pretty decent video of the whole thing from the following Elise as well - plenty of classic three wheel action and that characteristic bobbing, bouncing, sliding stance the Clio enjoys so much through the twisties.

Brakes, however, were a mess. Powerful for the first ten minutes and then a terrible blend of massive pad, hugely reduced stopping power and massive sparks from the rears (with apparently standard pads)...

So, I've just orderd a pair of Brembo HC Fronts, OE Rears, DS Performance Pads and SS hoses from Ktec - about 335 quid all in.

Anyone else running DS Performance pads? I considered the Pagids for about five minutes but just can't quite get past the list price (plus have a 90 mile per day commute and freezing cold mornings to consider).

Should get it fitted this weekend so expect an update soon.


ClioSport Club Member
Lods on here use the HC's, DS2500's and SS Lines Combo and most rate it Highly
  Clio 200 Black and White
cheers mate - these are DS Performance pads though - not DS2500. Just in at K-tec to replace the EBC redstuffs.

Supposed to be slightly more suited to road driving and a decent chunk cheaper too, anyone have experience with these?
  Clio 200 Black and White
Hi Baz,

Have you tired the DS Performance?

any problems using the DS2500 on the road? e.g. squeal, no bite from cold, etc?
  PH1 172
Hi Baz,

Have you tired the DS Performance?

any problems using the DS2500 on the road? e.g. squeal, no bite from cold, etc?

DS2500 are fine for the road and track. Only get a slight squeal now and then that lasts a few seconds so no big deal with that and braking at any temperature is great :)
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
I have them on my track car they are REALLy good not seen fade on them yet and they seem to wear very well.

Have them on my road car, they are sweet, mine do squeal from time to time but nothing that is unbearale.
  Clio 200 Black and White
hmmm, starting to wonder if I should've gone for the DS2500's instead.

Nevermind, won't get any track time over the winter anyway, I'll see how they are next seaon and swap them out if they struggle...

Worth a try anyway at under 100 quid front and rear :)