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Trackday question

Did palmersport allow passengers/spectator people to sit in cars around the track last time or was it limited to other drivers only (as it implies in the docs)


I took Ella around for a couple of laps last time. They didnt complain when she slapped a helmet on and jumped in!!


PS: 12:45 @ LFE tomorrow mate?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

There wer a few rules last time which ended up being ignored - Passenger rides was one - I took Val out for a few laps, the other was long-sleeved clothing. Although this is stipulated as a requirement in the docs, hardly any of us had long sleeves and not a word was said.

They keep saying that spectators are not allowed in the pit lane - but once again all our spectators came to the pit lane last time - Palmersport even provided a minibus to get them there. It would be a waste of time being a spectator if you were confined to the hospitality area.

The only reason Spectators were allowed in the pits last time (as said by Jon Tait) is because there wasnt very many. Im sure it will be the same tomorrow as there will only be 16/17 (or whatever it is) cars. They say they arent as a safety measure so that if there is a huge crowd of spectators they dont have to let them in the pits.