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Trailer storage - Stoke on Trent


I have the opportunity to buy back a trailer that I originally purchased new in 2016 but then sold in 2018, only issue is the place I used to store it is no longer available ( that’s why I sold it)

We are now in need of a trailer to ferry the Meg’ around hence I’m looking for secure storage in Stoke on Trent, preferably near ST3.

I’ve tried the caravan storage places and have a couple of options but they are not as close as I’d like and are costly

Any suggestions (relevant to trailer storage 😁) ?



ClioSport Club Member
D smithsons in Kidsgrove isn't a million miles away and I believe he has space?

Also, a friend of mine has just opened his own garage and has ample space and was renting out the other half as storage. To people, believe it was indoor aswell.

PVR vehicle solutions on Facebook, they're based in Loomer Road Chesterton.


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
There is a caravan storage space in Milton village I've seen loads of trailers in there mate 👍