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transferring photo's from iphone to laptop

Short Legs

ClioSport Club Member
  a better one
I'm trying to transfer 7000 photos from an iPhone onto my laptop, however when I connect the iPhone to my laptop it only shows 600 photos.

I've watched a few how to videos on youtube and changed a few setting but can still only see and transfer the same 600 photos.

any ideas?


ClioSport Club Member
  2012 Renault Clio
Could pay the £2.50 for extra iCloud space and upload them to there/ download to your computer?

Airdrop if it’s a Mac?


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
I would advise to just download them from the iCloud on the web, like most Apple software on Microsoft operating systems, its shite. Having said that ive never tried to download that amount of images at once, however loading mine now and doing a Ctrl+A has selected all of them, however it errors and only allows you to download 1000 at once, hardly the end of the world though.

Matt Cup

ClioSport Club Member
All I can say is good luck. I had a horrid time trying to get 1000’s of photos from my last phone to both a mac and a PC it was a long and laborious task. I found Photo’s on the Mac dog s**t and getting them from my PC was a chore. Hopefully you have a better chance at it as I attempted it without having much knowledge about it.