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TRAX 0-60mph movies inc Clio V6


First time I have visited your site.. and all I can say is.... WOW !

Wll done m8, seriously well done.. its now on me favourites and is destined to stay.

Thank you for all the bloody hard work !.


ps.. the vid of the cossie 500 at Trax is hilarious. !!.. if anyone reading this has starts like that (although not as quick ! lol).. then it may be a lesson in what not to do for the best times.


standard red mk2 172 6.65, was my broters with 3000miles on the clock! if anyone wants i can scan in the printout with time and performance curve?
  Ph1 172, Mini 2.0l T


Did you get any video of the Turbo Mini who ran a 5.7 second pass? He is looking for any footage.


I saw the mini run 5.7 seconds very impressed, but he wheel spun most of the way up, but it looked so standard I didnt turn the camera on.

Ive uploaded a couple of movies of footage from the Grandstand of some dodgy driving and some unusual cars inc a Ford GT40.