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  Mk2 172 (Silver)
TRAX is one of the largest car club and track events of the year. In 2007 it will take place at the usual venue of Silverstone Circuit, on Sunday 2 September 2007.

Yet again the show will be jammed packed with clubs, trading areas, 0-60 sprint strip, track action, drifting demo's and much much more.

For further details of the event see:

Entry to the show is open to all ClioSport members with Clio's.
ClioSport will book tickets on behalf of members to get the discounted rate, and must be ordered and paid for before the event.

Entrance Ticket - £10 each
Sprint tickets - £7 each
Tracktime - £30 per 15 minute session

To book your tickets email me ( with the following information (mark your email subject TRAX):
  • Full name
  • Forum name
  • Car details (i.e. 172, mk1 1.4, valver etc)
  • Car Reg
  • How many tickets you want (i.e. 1 x driver, 2 x passenger)
  • Number of track and/or sprint sessions you need
  • How you have paid (sent cheque or bank transfer)
  • Confirm/enter your address details in your forum profile. This will be used to send out tickets so make sure it is correct!!!!!!!
Payment can be made by cheque or direct bank transfer.
Make cheques payable to 'ClioSport' and send them to: ClioSport, PO Box 625, Addlestone. KT15 9AY.

If you would like to pay by bank transfer please let me know in your email and I will let you have the details.

Deadline for you to email me and order tickets is Sunday 15 July!!

We had a brilliant turn out in 2006, so make sure you email me ASAP to guarantee your tickets and join ClioSport at TRAX in 2007!!

Emma :D
  Mk2 172 (Silver)
Deadline extended to Sunday 22 July.
Email AND money must both be recieved by then to secure tickets!!
  Mk2 172 (Silver)
I am away for the next 2 weeks. For those wanting the bank details please PM Daz. I'll pick up all emails when I'm back and put up lists of who has mailed and paid.

Emma :D
  Chocolate Bar™
Deadline extended to Sunday 22 July.
Email AND money must both be recieved by then to secure tickets!!
glad i came on here didnt realise there was so little time.

will send the email now for 2 tickets :)
  ITB BG 182
oh well s**t me never the less. Ive missed out on this one aint i.
If im able to still go with this group can some one let me know asap by pm
  V6 230
Doh! didnt realise Trax was so close :-(

Is it possible to get tickets on the gate and still be on the cliosport stand?
  Mk2 172 (Silver)
The places have been booked but as ever (I know there will always be a few who missed the deadline ;)) there are extra tickets. These are available on a first come first served basis...and that means getting money to me as well. No money no place! For those wanting tickets, email me details as per the original post in this thread.

Justin you're ok as I was aware you needed tickets! Will reply to you in a mo.

Tickets are available on the gate but you require a stand pass to join us on the ClioSport stand, those are only available in advance.

For those wanting extra tickets (it depends on how many are interested) but it may just be one driver one car pass for you, extra entrance tickets for passengers can be bought on the gate on the day.

  Mk2 172 (Silver)
For those people that mailed me originally and still haven't paid you can still get your money in.

I'll put up a list of people who are down for tickets shortly.
i need 2 tickets Pootle, shall i email you my details and a company cheque for £20?

Let me know asap on here and ill do this monday
  Mazda MX5 1.8
do you know if they issue a plan of the layout of the club areas?

just need to know as my gf is taking her swift with the SS owners club & wondered if it would be near by
  Mk2 172 (Silver)
Russ - I have your details already, so just pop the cheque in the post.

Chris - No idea of the layout as of yet, I doubt they will until a week or so before the event when club passes have all been sent out. I don't think they send a detailed layout for this show.

Middo - apologies, will look into that, I was sure all emails had been answered.
  Coiley'd Clio PH2
I know its very late now but are there any tickets left?

Interested in attending this...