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Trophy Decal

will do...

gonna have two 6" Renaultsport logos where the Trophy Decal is and one for the rear window - all in Silver :)
Maz said:
Subtlie (sp) is the way forward :approve:

You got anything else planned ??

Yeh, I defo want Turinis and maybe even a v6 spoiler... thats really about it except the likes of the repairs I need and stalk adapter. Perhaps a new reg plate also.

Just want to make it look a little more hardcore ;)
I originally ordered a white RS decal which I now have on the car but will replace with Silver... just took some pics and will get them up soon.


  LY 200
^^ white huh .. hmmmmmmmm lets have a look when you get chance to post the pics, sometime this year would be fantastic ;) lol