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Just had a bit of engine work done, new head gasket etc, anywhere in the Herts/Essex area where I can take it for a much needed tune either on the rollers or just by a decent garage?

Hi Sir,

there is nothing to tune really..

Just make sure the plugs are fine, the gaps are ok, the airfilter is clean - oil and filter changed..

your car has a full engine management system, there is nothing there that the tuners can do.

if you have had a head gasket fitted, then no doubt the battery has been disconnected - thereby clearing the ecu memory, which is good as you have had work done.

save some dosh.... leave it alone.

  BMW 320d Sport

Joes right - there is nothing to tune apart from just changing filters, plugs fluids etc.

If I wanted to be picky I would say that you can pull out the blanking plug and fiddle with the idle speed screw at the top of the throttle body, but thats about it really.

Cheers for that, I was about to change the plugs and leads anyway so should sort it just seems a bit sticky when pulling off, so i thought it might be the plugs and leads anyway!!