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Turbo Build F4R 832 for Formula Renault Racecar

  Formula Renault
Hi fellow Renaulters, I come seeking guidance and assistance.

I race a Formula Renault Eurocup car and am looking for some more power. I have pretty much decided on fitting a turbo conversion and am in the research phase. I’m hoping I can glean some information from you lot.

The car runs a very slightly modified F4R 832 engine (which I believe was found in the Clio 200). Its modifications internally amount to no more than some minor head work. Externally it has a dry sump kit and a different intake and exhaust manifold.

It’s managed by a Pectel SQ6 ECU which is more than up for the job.

Gearbox is a 7 speed Sadev sequential.

The car currently puts out approx 210bhp and in an ideal world I would be looking for about 260-270bhp with nice flat torque. However, the numbers are only part of my requirements. As a 500kg racecar driveability is paramount. A laggy unresponsive engine -even one with more power - would likely hurt my laptimes rather than improve them. Also, I need to retain the 7500 redline for gearing purposes.

I see many people recommend a set of cams but then list redlines of about 6500rpm. I’m guessing this drop in RPM is as a result of the cams ??But maybe they’re needed to pump the turbo?

My exhaust after the turbo can be ran unsilenced, with no cat and end immediately.

Packaging wise I think we have a plan there that works so I’m just trying to get info on matching cams, turbos etc to suit my requirements.

Any help appreciated.


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ClioSport Club Member
All I can say is that with the inlet design you should be able to run very short pipework, should be a very concentrated setup