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Turbo exhaust housings

Can I change the exhaust housing on my (I think) t28 for one with a v-clamp and have the turbo sit in the same place/orientation?
  HBT 172 Cup
As long as the housing suits the correct inducer/exducer/trim of the exhaust wheel. Grab a picture of the turbo.
I've only got 2 poor ones...


i wanna get rid of that stupid 5stud thing as it's making making a new down pipe a f**king pain!


What do you mean deeper? Like I said the 5 stud flange is making life really difficult for me so I'm hoping to come off a v-band straight into a bend rather than what I currently have to do.

my main worry is its orientation on the manifold. I currently have about 2 inches behind and about 5 mm in front of what I have now so any movement forward is going to be no good for me.

I'll have a look at that site, thanks
  HBT 172 Cup
That adaptor looks cool but its expensive lol, can get a whole housing for that price
I dont think your going to find an off the shelf Vband outlet housing for a T28, they make them for the popular models, 2860RS, 2871R, 3071/76 e.t.c but not really for the old T28's that have minor variations accross models.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
This is the reply I got from my supplier:
Hi Chip,

We don’t keep it in stock but I have a shipment leaving today, so if you ordered it before 4pm I could have one here by Thursday, if not it will be around two weeks.
Thanks for that chip. I've managed to do something with that stupid 5 stud thing a monitor. If I f**k that up I'll give you a shout to get one for 2 weeks if that's ok?
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Yeah sure.

will be around 65 quid delivered apparently, depending on exact exchange rate at time of ordering.