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  Audi TT Stronic

dunno but I want a turbo in my 172, I dont care if I just got 5bhp more from it cause its the dump valve I want..

Dump valves own.. wasnt some company developing a bolt on kit for the 172 ?

Not as far as i know, theres been a couple of threads about companies who have done them. Are BB Tuing gonna be doing one??

_KDF you can get dump valves for NA cars, but you will loose power and youll need to do a lot of looking about to find someone who has them.



Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 15 January 2003

_KDF you can get dump valves for NA cars, but you will loose power and youll need to do a lot of looking about to find someone who has them.


LOL ts an air cannister connected to the gas pedel and when its right up it lets some air out making a "poof" noise.... hahahahahhahahaha

Why would you only want 5 bhp for just the dump valve noise _KDF?? the lag your get from having the turbo etc i would rather a n/a... besides big dump valves are old now...

you can get a turbo on a 172, some posted a pic here of one in a month or so ago, looked mad, was about 4K for 250bhp conv. i would post a pic but cant do it cos it dont work!

jesus! not a bolt on is it! i bet that wouldnt void the old warrenty!!

I can see myself now explaining it now to the renault dealer!

"i didnt blow it up, Honest it came like that mate!"

4k.... sh*t me.... I would rather have a full throttle body race conversion done that benr was talkiing about.... Would be much more drivable than a turbo.. and throttle bodies have a better sound than a gay poof
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Get TBs instead. They sound wicked and like Steve says they will probably be more useable. Or you could go for a Supercharger instead and get rid of the lag caused by a turbo.

havin seen it im not sure i like the look of it, probably go for throttle bodies although i gotta admit i miss my turbo

I dont know to much about the science of Dump valves on NA cars. All i know is you DEFINETLY can get them. I saw a letter written into one of the modified car mags last year, i found a company whilst doing some research on it soon after but i cant find their details!

Dont get me wrong turbo cars are a good laugh, when i first heard dump valves i thought wow. They are just on every bloody boys turbo I see!.. But they are not a cornering car the power is not always there when you need it. Anyway just get a skyline r32 GT-R and you wont need dump valves as the waste gates make enough noise!

all the older blokes ie more than 23 (includes me ) will remember all the mental group b rally cars in the 80s the wastegates used to chirrup like f**k sounded way cooler than a dump valve