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tyre choice for the turbo


West Midlands
ClioSport Area Rep
Well winter is due and im in need of some tyres now i use my boosted clio daily with wife n kids in the car so semi slicks are off the list lol

Im looking at bridgestone turenza er300 anyone got any reviews are they better than T1Rs?


ClioSport Club Member
  MR2 Roadster
To be honest, for winter there are better tyres. PS3's don't cope well with snow/ice (they are a summer tyre after all) so it depends on how much driving you want to be able to if the white stuff falls. I'm hoping to swap at least my front 2 before winter arrives.

The only time in 15 years of driving that i've got stuck in snow was last year on these tyres (on a really shallow hill too, with all manor of cars driving by me). I've driven in much worse conditions with 'cheaper' tyres before without issue, so no - it's not my driving before anyone pipes up!