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Tyre pressures - Hot or cold

  Not a 320d
Do you measure tyre pressures hot or cold. I had 32.5 psi cold in the other day. Want to add another .5psi in the tyres, and today after having a few traffic light GP's, and racing across carparks deciding I actually need NOS (the big can iirc), im reading 36psi or so.

Wondering what you do before attending a street race. :boring:
  172 Race Car
For road use tyres pressures best set cold. Thats how the manufaturer lists them in the hand book.

For track use they are best set hot (28-30psi)

On our race car we have to set cold as we dont have the luxary of adjusting them after a few laps. Sometimes we have to set them as low as 15psi cold depending on weather and circuit.