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Tyre pressures

Ok I have two versions so far for the MK2 2002 Clio 172.

32 front and 30 rear
33 front and 31 rear

My book is in Dutch so I cant understand a bleeding word.

Correct answres on a postcard please

Ta :0

Ajs, try the recommended, the setting of 34psi on the back will cause unpredictable handling... eg.. power off oversteer..

you could even try 26 psi, but you will get a lot of safe, but boring and kerb clipping understeer.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

on my steelies my handlin was always terrible with low pressure, i used to have 35 all round !....

ive stuck me refurbed wheels on today, not sure whats in them

I ran 36 (F), 32 (R) on the track - the car came with 39 (F) and 30 (R) from the importers!!

My English (and Dutch) manuals recommend 2.7 bar for the front and 2.2 for the rear!!!

any less than 34 at the front and hard turning is a nightmare - all squashy...

as for the rear - they get jealous of the front ones - so i either have to swap them occasionally, or keep them the same....