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UK 172 Discounts and Supermarkets

what do you think would be the best discounted cash price for a 172 CUP or a SPORT from a main stealer ? I asked my local Stealer and he said about £500 I thought that wasnt much. Has any one dealt with the super markets and what were they like ? ;)

The only experience I have had with them was with a Peugeot 605 s.v 3,0 and they where pretty awfull for service and fault finding considering the car cost a fair bit. It had gearbox problems and cut out when it felt like it.

500 isnt much of a discount if you have no trade in. The one i dealt with was more interested in cash than car!

cheers mike, I thought that their might have been a few more users that have bought from motorpoint ect as they seem to claim that the 172 is a top seller:confused:

Bought my 172 through Macro motoring and saved nearly £4ooo on dealer price. Be prepared for a few phone calls and having to wait 2-6 weeks 4 your car but well worth it.

Auto Express do an "Aim to pay price" for each new car. They say its what buyers are actually paying for their UK cars across the country and say "if your dealer wont meet our aim to pay price, walk away"

Their aim to pay for a 172 from a UK dealer is £13441 and £12097 for a Cup. Both of those are about a grand off list.

You can obviously get a 172 cheaper from a Car Supermarket, but expect zero service from most, coupled with lies about when it will turn up in a lot of cases. However it is still the same car, so you dont need to worry about spec - there is only 1 type made from the factory and the only differences are on retro fit items that are fitted by UK dealers - i.e. Cat 1 alarm. Warranty is the same 3 year one, provided it was sourced (by the car supermarket) from within the EU, so its worth getting proof of where it came from before buying. A 3 year warranty is worth quite a bit of money, so getting one from outside the EU could be false economy as you only get 1 year.

The 2 common places that sell 172s are Motorpoint and Trade Sales, and Ive heard bad stories about both with regard to their customer service. I got mine from a smaller supermarket, simply because Motorpoint didnt have any blue or black ones in stock, and Trade Sales couldnt give a firm date.

As it turned out, my supplier lied through their teeth about their stock status just to get my to order through them. I was told it was sitting there ready to be registered when they got my money. I didnt actually get it until 3 weeks later - not bad compared to some peoples waiting times, but when you expected it at the end of the week you ordered (like you were guaranteed), its not so great. They lied throughout the whole process and I found out that it hadnt actually arrived in the UK until a couple of days before I eventually got it! When I chased them once to register it, they told me they had and I asked for the registration number. Would you believe they made one up to shut me up!! I got it put on my insurance and everything, and then when it arrived, the reg no was totally different.

I saved about £3000 in the end, but the hassle factor was pretty high. If a dealer had offered one for £13000 - maybe even £13500, Id have gone with a UK model. I did ask a dealer if theyd give me a years free insurance instead of a further discount, but they said it was impossible. Not sure if they just didnt want to, or really couldnt for that sort of car!

As in Macro shops Steve? If it is them you might need to be a member White16 and for that you need a "company" ie make one up and tell them your buying stuff for it, they will give you a members card and hey presto.


Aaah, like that Costco place then? Im sure I could find a company to be! :)

Dont suppose they have a website do they? Just so I can dream, like...



I got one from Motorpoint a couple of weeks back. They had both blue and black in stock as well as plenty of silver. I went for the blue. For what I paid I didnt expect much in the way of customer service, but they were more than adequate. I purchased the car on a Saturday and was told it would be ready for collection a week on Wednesday. It was. From this point on I dont expect to have any further dealings with them. They sell cars cheap, no more, no less.

Because its an EU import I had to have an alarm fitted, which they did for me. I had a Sigma M34 added to the existing immobiliser. Im still waiting on the English manual, but its only been a couple of weeks.

As the car is identical (except for the alarm which UK dealers fit) my insurance company (The AA) dont have a problem with the car.

Ive already paid a visit to my local dealer to sort out a rattling seat. They have no issue with the car not being sold by a UK dealer.

As for the warranty, you dont get the 3 years you would with a UK car, but the main dealers still have to honour 2 years of it.

As for where the car came from, it should have a certificate of comformity with it. If you know its a none UK car and it hasnt got one, then walk away. It could be from god knows where!!

All in all for me (having just lost a company car) the saving far out weighed the ringing round and research I had to do.

If you decide to go the supermarket route, dont believe everything they tell you, do your research and be aware of what you are buying.

Just been out to put a few more miles on the clock. Ive just washed it and it certainly got plenty of looks out in the sun today :)

Quote: Originally posted by Rod Street on 16 March 2003

As for the warranty, you dont get the 3 years you would with a UK car, but the main dealers still have to honour 2 years of it.
You do get the full 3 years and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. If it was imported from within the EU, you get the same as a UK car. That is, 1 year Renault manufacturers warranty and 2 years sponsored by Renault UK. The last 2 years (as with most cars) is a scheme where RUK will contribute towards the cost of repair - sometimes not the whole value.

Do a search on these forums for warranty and youll find lots of discussion about it!

I personally dont get mine because it came from Cyprus, so I only get the 1 year warranty from Renault. I just wish Id known about this EU warranty stuff before I got mine! If yours is from an EU country, go claim your full 3 years from them!



Nice one Mike, thanks for that. Ive read different things about it in both these forums and others.

Mine is from France or Holland, cant remember which as I looked at various places.

I called my local dealer the other day and the person I spoke to in service thought I only had one year. She now knows otherwise :)

I still thought I only got two, so knowing this is just a bonus. Its smiles all round from me :)