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Uneven rotor/pad wear on new discs/pads


ClioSport Club Member
  182 Trophy
Hi all,

I've just done 1500miles on new pads (PBS Race) and EBC precision blank rotors and have noticed uneven wear on the outside face of the passenger side rotor (near the hub), it does squeal a little too under light braking. I pulled the caliper off and did notice that the lower guide pin was not moving freely so I have now greased this pin and reinstalled it. There were no tell tale signs when I replaced the original rotors/pads to suggest uneven wear.

My question is how do I go about fixing the pads/discs so that there is full face contact? Thanks in advance!

  monaco 172
Sticky slider pins or a sticky piston would cause that.

Rebuild kits are only 20 quid from big red and come with new seals and pistons. Well worth doing.