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Unlevel steering/oil change

Any 172/Cup owners found theyre car lumpy at about 6/7K miles? I reckon I need an oil change - the service light comes on randomly and the words OIL flash on the dasdh in the mornings but the oil symbol light is never on? Also I changed the front and rear tyres over at the weekend and the car is handling like a crock of sh*t now and the steering is unlevel - surely I dont need to realign the wheels if you change over the fronts and backs? I never got the back ones rebalanced from when they were on the front, but I balanced the new front ones obviously - the guy said you wouldnt feel the rears if they were unbalanced? Any thoughts


  Audi TT Stronic


My car is now on 9500 miles (got it at 5600) and never had a problem with lumpyness ..
  Revels Mum & Sister

I would take your car to Renault mate get them to check it out.

As for wheels it shouldnt do. Unless you have knocked the wheel or something. May change the steering setup slightly

only seems lumppy accelerating first thing in the morning or after work - about 2/3K revs per minute - like the accelerator is tuck and then it climbs revs again? Could this just be coz the engine aint warmed up?
  996 Carrera

Ive just passed 5000 miles on mine.

Had the oil changed yesterday (£34 all in for Mobil 1 at quik-fit - their grease monkeys thought it funny Id want the oil changed this early).

I checked my oil again last weekend and noticed it was about a third of the way down the dipstick.

This morning the engine seemed a little less rough when idling from cold.

Hopefully therell be a more noticeable difference tonight on the journey home when - like you say - the car has been a bit hesitant before its fully warmed up.