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Unreleased Autoshine Sealant Test vs. G-Techniq C1

Some of you may be aware of the new ceramic sealant that Autoshine is developing, and I was sent a sample to test, so I thought what better to compare it to than G-Techniq C1, arguably the most durable Ceramic Sealant available.

I took some photos of the application processes and I will be updating the thread over the coming months.

Here's the pictures:

The chosen place for the sealants was the boot lid as this get's very dirty, very quickly. The car was cleaned the day before, but was still wearing Zymol Carbon, so this needed removing and a decontamination was necessary after the Llandow track day.

Wiped down firstly with IPA.

The rear end was wiped down with Tardis, then clayed with AF Clay and Dodo Juice Born Slippy.

After just half the boot lid:

The rest of the boot lid.

Taped up for polishing:

Using the DA Microfibre System, 3-4 passes were needed at speed 5.

Some be fore's.

After (On the right)

The Sealants.

C1.5 Silo Seal wasn't used because there wasn't a product to use over the Autoshine Sealant.

The Autoshine Sealant was applied by applicators, 2 pea-sized amounts were needed for even coverage on half of the boot lid.

Then left to cure for exactly 10 minutes before buffing off.

Next up was C1.

Again applied by applicators, the C1 was marginally easier to apply, gliding across the surface.

The C1 needed 2 dabs to ensure even coverage, but I'm sure one could suffice.

A few afters.

Beading on the G-Techniq

Beading on the Autoshine product, again, very similar.

A few afters:

The sheeting was also tested with both sealants but in all honesty, there was no difference in looks, water behaviour or shine.

The big test will be in the durability over time, because application was also very similar.


I don't think there is anything that separates the two sealants with regards to application, looks, water behaviour and feel, so if the Autoshine sealant can equal or better the G-techniq C1 in durability at a lower price point then I know which I would be going for.

Thanks for looking!

P.s If you fancy liking my new Facebook page I will be doing a few giveaways of some detailing stuff soon to gather some followers. :)
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  e92 330i
Whats the durability supposed to be like on autoshine? Im impressed with the megs mf system though!
  Not a 320d
A while, if you prep it proper.

Needs a pre machine polish to get the best from it though IMO. Wont be using C1 again.


ClioSport Club Member
You're kinda not using C1+ correctly though. It would have been comparable to old C1 but not this one on it's own.

C1+ will last longer and protect better but it doesn't sheet and bead like other sealants, it wasn't made for that. It's a ceramic base and the Silo seal helps the slickness and sheeting more.

Just so you know the C1+ is a system, I don't think you're doing it justice by using C1+ on it's own.
  Not a 320d
Think Gally summed it up there tbh!

It works better with 1.5 obviously for the water behaviour. Its good for long term protection yeah but thats it.
It sheeted very well though to be fair and the beading is pictured, I only didn't include the Silo Seal because there wasn't a counterpart supplied with the Autoshine sealant.

The Silo Seal is not a compulsory step of the kit as far as I'm aware, it's a top up for gloss and extra protection.

So that we can see the difference I have decontaminated and polished the bumper and diffuser today and applied C1+C1.5, so it should be interesting to see if it makes a noticeable difference.