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Update on turbo parts - price and availability

ok.. I have priced the parts I have for sale from reno uk for the turbo conversion.

from reno..

Exhaust manifold £388.93
Turbo £1143.28
Inlet manifold £317.25
4 injectors £202
Map sensor (boost) £86.37

total of £2018 !! aghhhhh..

I now have only 3 of the above sets left (brand new) for £ 950 per set of parts.

(I have sold one set)
I will also include (again new) downpipe and cat (£400 + !)
Engine end cover for inlet manifold (£150 plus reno price) -

All bolts and fittings, oil pipes etc..

Over £3000 worth of brand new genuine renault parts, bolt onto 172 for £950

Please let me know with serious enquiries asap..

These parts will NOT be available after these are gone unless sourced from a dealer.


Ive just sent you mail m8. Where abouts do you live I would like to have a look at the kit before I buy kit , if theres one left.


Paul, hi m8..

please ring me asap, I have loads of enquiries, but first to come up with the dosh or at least a sensible deposit can have one..

I have about 4 grand laid out at the mo in parts alone aghhhhh.


Hi Ben, yes, we are in the process of comparing fitements at the mo.

I should be able to offer 6 speed close ratio boxes (new) for about £850 for the 172.... possibly for the willy and valver too.

that would be a nice conversion.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


Will do. You know the supercharger gear you bought? You didnt happen to buy that off a guy called Martin did you. Very into his VWs? Its just I know him and he mentioned he sold a supercharger to a guy with a 172 a couple of weeks ago.


ok, 2 left now, just sold another..

the 6 speed. I should be able to say yes or no in about a week as to a drop in conversion.

Paul.. give me a ring..


Hi Joe

I have been trying to find out if there was a turbo kit out yet for the 172 phase 2 model yet? How easy would it be to fit / or who could fit it for me?
Also, what kind of power increases would you be looking at?

Scott R

Hi Tim,

the million dollar question huh ?

Well, I got the spare 172 engine to mod.. so that will help..

the problem is gonna be dosh...

when all the kits are gone, I have plans for 6 speed box conversions and turbo spec 172 short engines ready to bolt in.

hopefully that should be able to fund the project fully.

I would reasonably think that it would take 3 months.. (About a week to do it 2 months and 3 weeks to get the rest of the dosh together for the management system, mapping, and low comp forged pistons.

If spare funds are available earlier, then a lot sooner than that.


Do you know what the gearbox ratios will be? I guess acceleration times will be quicker - any idea what they might be?




ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

No probs Joe...

He was asking me if I wanted a Clio Cup off him, but I am still unsure as what to get next?!

Will have to drive his when he gets it next week!