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Updated Top Mount Knocking


ClioSport Club Member
Have fitted entire new topmounts, inc new springs to a Clio, and rather than the new style top mounts solving knocking (Not that there was one there before!), I have actually devloped a knocking. Its 100% definitely top mounts.

I've not had this issue before, and its bloody annoying.

I want to Double check everything (I've already had everything off twice, doubted myself about a hundred times and thought it over millions of times), Spring, Top spring plate, Bearing (Flat side down, rounded side up), Big rubber cone, Updated spacer with Nut (27mm) followed by fitting to car and the top hat inc 21mm nut (also updated design). Everything is tight, but have a bad knocking noise over slight bumps, drains and speedbumps etc.

Any suggestions before the new stuff is ripped off and the old stuff put back on? Annoyingly!

Cheers guys :)