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upgrading speakers, on a 172

  Black 172 MK2

hi all. Right as i have paid my first payment for my car and have a bit of spare cash i would like to upgrade the speakers in my car. firts of has any one got and suggestions about what sort of speakers i should go for? I see up front there are componants in the dash, do i need a crossover to run these good? Im also looking to upgrade the rears also. Now heres the tricky bit i want a decent all round sound ie decent lows and highs as atm im not intending to run a sub. im thinking maybe £80-£120 per each set (so twice over) maybe a lil more.

oh also this may sound stupid but does the standard HU have a pre out?

cheers brad
  172 Cup

Hi Brad,

Iv always used MAGNAT speakers they were aswesome in my 16v had 6x9 Xcentrics cost £150 for both but not sure if they do these anymore, probably have an updated version though you prob need to upgrade the head unit and an amp would help. These were so powerful u didnt need a sub! I havent had my cup long and i know what you mean, the standard speakers are rubbish!

  Clio 182

Upgrade your head unit, if your going to do the speakers. Ive just brought some Infinity kappa speakers 5.25" in the front and staying standard for now in the back. Got these for £100 and im going to fit them at the weekend with an amp. All good fun !! IMHO I dont think the standard head unit is good enough if you are planning to buy some descent componant speakers. I have no plans to fit a sub. To much extra weight. Im trying to get a balance between a half descent system without making my car a lard arse!!

Standard headunit does not have pre-outs.

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