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Uprated engine mounts

  soon to be a 200
Are they the ones to stop the lift of knock some one said it was the top drivers side one ?
If you get the Ktec one you put extra load on the other mounts and they then fail/go soft.
Yozzasport is looking at a new desing one I belive there are some made by other companies but there in Europe so language barrier and very expensive I think it was £600 excluding P and P.
  soon to be a 200
So if i put the lower engine mount bushes on and k-tecs uprated engine mounts will that be ok or are there more .
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Nah, by reducing engine movement at the bottom of the engine... you will only increase the movement at the top, therefore leading to top mounts failing. Best idea would be to wait for Yozza to sort things out.
  Burgandy 174 sport t
think im gonna replace the whole lot and if that doesnt stop the banging/vibrating fucked if I know whats wrong
  172 cup'd extreme
stiffer bushes will surely transfer more vibration to the car, my k-tec dog bone bushes are on their way out at the moment after 20k miles too
  Burgandy 174 sport t
when I say vibrating thats what it sounds like, when I accelerate in or go over a bump I feel the exhaust vibrate over the subframe