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Urgent brake pad help!!!!

  172 cup
Hi guys

I just fitted new rear discs and pads to my 172. Took it for a test drive and the pads fell out!

Nnow there were no pins on the old pads, are there meant to be pins or clips.

If not what did I do wrong? Is there a certain way of holding them in place?
  Clio 172mk2
see this pic

  172 cup
I thought it was odd as there is always pins or clips on other cars I've had. But then I maybe I should have noticed as there was only one pad on one side to start with. Plus the disc was buggered and bearing was in pieces! Only noticed as it put me into a motorway barrier the other day.

Anyway back to the point I need new pads now and the pins. Where can I get the pins/clips?
  Golf GTD Mk7
You could probably make some. There isn't much to them. Dealers would be the other option (although I'll be surprised if they are sold separately), or put up a wanted thread on here.

see this pic


Pic stealer ;)
  Clio 172mk2
lol first one that came up on google :)

ye think ppls asked before and it only comes part of the clip set, halfords also do the set.

mines just got some wire bent through it
  172 cup
Well halfords said the don't stock the pads. I have seen some clips for the saxi vts which I believe have the same rear brakes?
  53 Clio's & counting
Most french cars use that style, I have used the slider and pin from a 205 before - just pop to any motor factors and buy a split pin to put through
  172 cup
Just a couple of questions. Firstly my rear caliper looks different to the one pictured. My bolts are at the back of the caliper when you take it off. Are they different from the 172 and 182? Secondly, a bit random but I know only have three pads. Does anyone have a spare pad they want to sell?
  53 Clio's & counting
you need a new set of pads mate, dont fit a random single one, this is your braking system we are talking about!
  172 cup
Yeah your right, was just on the hope some one might have a mintex pad laying around.

I am still in shock how bad the back brakes were. 3pads, f**ked bearing and disc. Only went through a mot when I brought it in late march. And in the end sent me into a spin and motorway barrier a few weeks back!
Get the car to someone who knows what they are doing..before you cause an accident and kill yourself or someone
  172 cup
Well I must admit it was stupid of me not to notice the missing pin as have changed several brake pads before and they all had them. I thought maybe it was held in by the lug on the back of the pad.

Just glad I took it for a gentle test drive first as I wasn't 100 % sure. Got the new parts on the way.

Lesson learnt I think
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106 GTi, Saxo VTS and 306 GTi-6 all use the same rear brake setup as the Clio, so if you need to pick anything up from a breaker, there's a few more options.
  172 cup
I did here they were the same when I was looking for parts. However I have ordered new pins etc and pads a I don't want to miss something again. Will bare in mind for the future though. I just hope everything comes before the weekend as I was hoping to go to beaulieu this Sunday
  172 cup
Just got the kit ang it's half complete great! Renault want over £30 for it!

Luckily my local motor shop is getting it tomorrow for £7. There is still hope I will make beaulieu Sunday :)
  172 cup
Sorry its a bit delayed, but thanks for the help car was all sorted in time for beaulieu :)

good to see a few of you there on Sunday.

ok, from top to bottom:

-lock pins to stop the bar falling out, updated design in the picture
-anti rattle springs, hold the pads still
-bar that is pushed in to stop the pads falling straight out (holes are for the lock pins)