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Urgent Help Required!!!!!!!

I going to look at a 16v tomorrow and i have been informed that the car has just started misfiring! Now i am no mechanic but I do know that it could be one of many things! Can any of you petrol heads give me any tips on what to look for so that i can walk away if its gonna be too expensive to repair. Any advice would be gratefully received, cheers.

could be very simple like a dropped lead, or somthing very expensive, check the coolant and oil filler cap for contamination first of all, and if need be run as fast as you can,

is it cheap because i woudnt entertain the idea unless the saving was enough to repair it in the worse case senario,

and without seeing / hearing it running it would be difficult to diagnose it,
  clio 20v

okay not an expert mechanic but ill hav a go, most misfires due to faulty ignition system or which isnt too expensive to fix could just b plugs or leads rotor arm dizzy cap e.t.c other thing could b blown headgasket that b expensive or knacked ecu which not that expensive, somethin making fuelling wrong. ive not had my valver long so this is just my experience on cars in general

The reason that i am even still considering it is that it is cheap. I won the car on an auction on Ebay. I am/will/could pay £1900 for it. It is a 93 L 16V which has done 85K. Supposedly in top nick apart from this misfire that has just started to occour. But the guy has been honest and said that if i am unsure then i can walk away. I just want to go armed with as much knowledge as poss tomorrow!
  172 Cup

Wozza like the guys have said this could be something as daft as a loose Ht lead or dodgy spark plug. On the other hand it could be a piston ring, head gasket both etc...

Just use your head tomorrow and dont go with your heart. In the long term thats about the best advice I can offer you.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Usual thing, check all oil gauges etc.. Take spark plugs out and have a scout at them? Could be lots of things from the easy i.e. leads, plugs or could be serious i.e. new ecu,injector anything.

At least it will sound the dogs nuts!!

proper misfires are doen to lean can check the plugs to see as mentioned...if there white....theni ts running hot...and possibly lean.
  BMW 320d Sport

Most obvious thing is water in the plug wells. Easy to fix, might have happened if the geezer has been washing the engine bay.

If it was simple as a HT lead/spark plug/coolant etc then I reckon the guy would have had it sorted. People very rarely tell you the truth.

Why would he not fix it for say £200 tops (if a small problem) and sell it for £3500 rather than making at least a £1000 loss for a problem like that??