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URGENT - leak

  2007 Audi S3 Quattro
Im pretty sure ive a serious leak in my 2003 dci clio

in the drivers footwell, its completely soaking

at first i thought i must have spilt a bottle of water but the other night it was lashing with rain and i went through a few "puddles" (more like rivers) on the road

now the footwell is ringing with water - anyone ever had this experience or heard about it? is it common?

ive had a clio before and never had this problem :(

also the sponge floor has soaked it all up so im going to have to strip back the carpet and dry it out

also, warrenty is still on my car but its moddified, anything renault can do? id rather not take it to them

thanks :D
  RB 200 Cup!
there have been other people mention leaking footwells so it does happen to quite a few cars. your not the only one.

could try taking it to renault if its still under warranty - what mods have you had done?
  2007 Audi S3 Quattro
just a full bodykit, coilovers, 18's etc... the works.

im always dubious about taking my car to renault cos they gurn at me constantly
  2007 Audi S3 Quattro
up we go

can anyone shed some light on the subject??

wheres edde when you need him?? :p
sunroof pipe get blocked windowscreen leak and when its really bad it leaks in the boot and runs forward when braking... have fun!!!
Check the aircon drain and also any gromits from the engine bay to the cabin
Also check the door seal.
  2007 Audi S3 Quattro
possibly door seal

ive no air con and the sun roof is fine i think

ill get a chance tomorrow to check

  2007 Audi S3 Quattro
stripped the interior last night

seats out, carpet out, foam out and now drying - not happy

but still cannot find the source of the leak!

behind the pedals there is another foam "blanket" its slightly damp at the bottom but im hoping this is due to travel of water up the foam

what is behind this? is it just the engine wall??

also, the black and red clips under the seats for the airbag/seat belt - how the hell do you disconnect them??

renault kindly broke the other one when they were replacing the runner earlier in the year - and also didnt fit one of the screws which holds the seat to the car :O