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#Urgent# warning light in clio 53 plate

  The Bus and MRT
Hi quick question what does the warning lights mean in the centre that looks like a heart rate monitor on the above clio?

My ex has just called me and her engine wont start I have a clio but my has a Dutch instruction manual so I can't help her... any help would be greatly appreciated
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electrical fault , either the coil, tdc sensor or the Ecu wiring harness has been torn in some place
  The Bus and MRT
wxmlad said:
do that test thingy, where all the dials fly round

Ok Cheers, I ended up having to go and meet her, it seems to have fixed it's self, it's spluttering a little but nothing serious, I think 16v_jon must be right though as it sounds like something has come loose. Worrying thing is she said the power steering and brakes went so she was scared to drive it, she followed me to the renault delaership and we left it there over night, called them this morning though and they say that they can't fit it in until wednesday.

Is it an easy fix if the ecu wiring harness has come loose? any chance of some pics on what to looks for?

Thanks for the help btw.

[EDIT] It's not my car btw so it's only a 1.2 16v 53 plate, I thought the diagnostic tests only worked on the RS?
  The Bus and MRT
Excellent cheers guys, I'll pass the message on and let her know. Much appreciated.