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V max coilovers

  Corsa Van. Meh.
Have been speaking to Gary at Rimstyle and he has said they have a new type of coilovers for the RS. Called V max and are an equivelant to FK high sports. Anyone know anything about them?

  172 Cup
I've spoken to Gary at Rimstyle before and found him very helpful and gave great advice. To my knowledge they are very simular to the FK stuff, only slighly cheaper!
  williams 2 turbo
i think the coilovers on mine are fk ones, seem fine to me and are top adjustable so soft and squiggy for driving round town, or hard as, when the mrs is racing it.
  Corsa Van. Meh.
They are height adjustable but not damping adjustable...they are around £350 so are cheaper than FK.

Gary says they are on par with FK so I may go with them...
  audi a6 3.0tdi
I had them on my corsa got them brand new off ebay for £200 posted they are the worst suspension you could ever buy it like driving along on a pogo stick there is no damping once you hit a bump thats it you are bouncing for the next few minutes.