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V-Maxx coilover on 182 help please :)

  liquid yellow 182
Hey all
Just wondering if anyone has been a simular situation as me and what they did?
I purchased some v-maxx coilovers and fitted them, im really happy with them, i just wish they lowered the rear end a bit more, the front can be adjusted to go crazy low, and iv got it set just how i want it, i would just like to go another few cm at the rear, has anyone on hear managed to do this anyhow, maybe shorter springs? or a different mounting setup?

this is the kit i got:

Thanks in advance
  liquid yellow 182
Sounds good! Have you done this? Is it safe? Will the spring sit where the adjusters went or will I nee d something else there? Thanks alot
  ITB'd MK1
you shouldn't remove the adjuster entirely, the spring wont have anything to locate on. However you can remove the platform from the threaded section