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V6 in disused farm yard


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
A nice shed blocked by a clio with a body kit

Looks great Colin, whens the lakes meet?
  An orange one
Is that the std Spike exhaust tips? Look bigger from those pics...

Absolutely standard matey. As an exhaust I cannot fault anything about it. I love the fact it goes
from a noisy roar, to absolutely silent in 6th at motorway speeds. My dad was amazed when he heard how loud it was, he was adamant it would ruin the car, a 10 mile journey later he had eaten his words well and truly.


  V6, Trackhawk, GTS
They sound absolutely amazing Ali, i went out in Simons ph2 titanium & i fell in love with the noise, its perfect.

I think they sound okay. But I think they look rubbish (Pokey wee pipes) and the back box is huge! That overall puts me off.
  An orange one
Standard font plates have arrived! Can't wait to burn those awful italic ones! :D


Also new discs all round arrived yesterday.



Havent decided on pads yet, either Pagid or ebc yellow stuffs probably.
  Suzuki Jimny
How much were the discs? I remember reading somewhere that the fronts were £600 or something.
G 172 will sort you guys out. Fronts are not £600 lol!

I got new discs & pads all round back in Jan. I've got Yellow stuff & braided lines on the front, tbh the brakes are OK, nothing special though :S (and they squeal!) I need to get the braided ones on the rear, but the idiots supplied me with 172 ones :rolleyes: (they sent me the right ones after)


ClioSport Club Member
Looking awesome as always Colin :)

. . . . . . and them new plates were long overdue ;)