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V6 Trophy in Australia

  Clio V6 Trophy
Hi All,

I recently landed a V6 Trophy (No 135) in Australia. From my knowledge it's probably one of the only ones outside of Europe.

Was really hoping I could meet some members that have some knowledge about these vehicles and would be happy passing on their experiences on maintenance and set-up of these car. Also if any member knows the history of the car.

Hoping to use it mostly for hill-climbs and general track days. So far all the systems look like there working well, and the car is in excellent condition, but I'm concerned about some reports regarding computer (throttle control & ecu) issues that i've read.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  Clio V6 Trophy
Thanks for the link, will look into it

Yes will load photos tomorrow, unfortunately don't have any on this computer.

  Clio v6
Guys called T1RBO and scotty6r4 on the forum. They know the trophy inside out.