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valver brake bleeding

  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
Hi guys,

managed to source some brakes for the valver (wahey!---thanks TA)
now what is the correct precedure for bleeding brakes on the valver?

also whats the best way to sort out a "stiff" not seized rear caliper?

also i know my brakes are screwed, hence why iam doing disks and pads all round! but my hand brake light on the dash dossnt work? is this due to having screwed brakes? or could that be another fault?

  Clio RSi
Wouldnt have thought it was because the brakes are screwed as the handbrake will travel further when the brakes where more, not sure where the sensor is must be on the inside of the car at a guess as i've just replaced a handbrake cable this week on my RSi and couldnt see a sensor underneath.

Just replaced two rear calipers, one was siezed the other had a broken bleed nipple! well annoying!!

To unseize the caliper use some grips to unscrew the piston out of the caliper, (I next took the seal out not sure if you have to) and then used emery cloth to clean up the piston and barrel, make sure you clean everything before you re-assemble it, my seal was fucked and half the problem to so check that out.

Might also be worth checking underneath the rubber cover on the other side of the caliper held on by a cable tie, should be loads of grease under it, but mine was rusted and seized so had to strip that bit, I wouldnt bother stripping that bit unless you got a vice and loads of patience as you have to compress the belmouthed sp? washers to reassemble it!!!
  Clio RSi
I'm assuming the valver and rsi rear calipers are the same lol they may not be..

i also didnt follow an order... on a search some ppl say theres no order and then other peoples give loads of different variants which way to do it! someone said do the furthest one away from the resevoir first..