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**valver Immobiliser Problem**please Help!

  renault clio 1.8 16v
Hi guys,

Everything is going wrong with my valver at the moment but I am determined to keep her as I love the thing to bits but it is so annoying when problem after problem keeps occuring!

The problem is that now my immobiliser wont disarm and therefore can't start the thing.

The key is totally dead, the red light is working but the key wont unlock or lock it to disarm the immobiliser. Ive tried new batteries no joy.

I want to ask you guys on here before I send it to renault for diagnosis. Its £89.00 just for them to even look at it! Ouch!

Ive purchased a new eye/chip from renault (the thing with the black plastic front below the sunroof) but this hasnt worked. Ive checked all the wires etc but nothing looks wrong, no loose connections.

The genius's at renault didnt think when the decided to put the immobiliser on the fob did they! My RSI used to have it in the glove box on key, why didnt they do that on 16'vs!?

Anyone any ideas?

Can I simply disarm the immobiliser enabling it to start or is it not as simple?

Ive a feeling that this might be an expensive job.

Cheers and a reply would be much appreciated

my16vclio said:
My RSI used to have it in the glove box on key, why didnt they do that on 16'vs!?

Cheers and a reply would be much appreciated

i got a 16v and my immobiliser is in the glove box, it also has the red flashing light in front of the clocks

looks mint! :)

Has it rained heavily recently at yours? On occasion my zapper stops working if I get water coming in from the sunroof. When it dried out it was fine!

Apart from that, I'm not entirely sure what to recommend...

Was the eye/chip thing you bought specifically coded to your car/key? If not then you have a problem. LoL
  renault clio 1.8 16v
cheers for replies here,

the mush at renault said it was plug and play.

he said it wouldn't need coding as it was a standard part.

i simply gave him the part number and he matched it up.

its not rained recently, it just stopped working out of the blue.

my fob does tend to run batteries down quick if this helps?

theres just nothing dead.

it hadnt rained when it happened, ive wiped the internals of the eye, cleaned the contacts up still nothing.

car electrics always p*ss me off because its so hard to diagnose.

mechanical problems are simple half the time if you have half an idea.