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valver interior trick bits

  Golf V6 4Motion

Just thinking about what im going to do with my valver interior once iv finished prepping the bodywork.

The only thing ive got so far is the 2 dial panel (audiosport) which replaces the middle heater vents.

Just wondered if anyone knows of any other trick bits you can get hold of?

  clio 16v

i have just had the 3 switchs changed (heated rear screen etc) was a massive amount of wiring, but will look good when finished, and changed the centre dials, but like i say work in progress at the mo!
  clio 16v

they are just standard switchs from Savage performance i think. still WIP but ill try to post pics later, really didnt want to post until it was finished tho!
  Golf V6 4Motion

wicked lads keep it up! seen the metal monkey things - not bad.

I want to make a noble style dash where the needles change colour the higher they go - sounds cheap but looks dead smart!