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valver rear brakes sticking

Help.. I have gone through another set of rear pads in quick time. Having investigated i have found that the calipers are sticking on.

Is this a common fault and is there a cheaper cure than buying 2 new calipers please.... just had a thought, could it be the handbrake sticking on maybe?


  Audi TT Stronic

i know when my mates rear drums got stuck the AA guy hit it with a hammer.. lol and it worked.

but for calipers I guess you could take the wheel off and see if there is anything obscuring their travel and other obvious things..

Try getting a caliper slider kit from Reno about £40, should help move more freely and use plenty of copper grease when fitting.

I can get a part number if you want?


You know the bit of metal that locks the rear pads in, it contains these and a couple of other bits inc new securing clips.


I see! And its the sort of thing that stops binding? My nearside rear brake binds at low speeds, though its kind of like the noise you get if you have a ding in your bicycle wheel as the pad runs over that part of the rim. I guess it could be a warped disc...but I didnt think my rear brakes generated that amount of force (?). :confused: It shouldnt be the calliper itself, as it was replaced a year ago.