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Vectra 2.5 V6 SRI

  172 & LCR

My M8 has just bought one and the silly thing is he thought he would have me in my 172;) well didnt I just teach him a thing about his heavy V6 we came off a r/bout onto a dual carraige way I came on behind passed him no problem and just kept pulling away I dont think hes speaking to me now.:D
  mk2 172

nice one mate, i caned one of them off some lights, it was one of thos white wheeled ones, a right barge!
  172 & LCR

Theyve got 170BHP but far to heavy to even come close he shouldve done his homework best of it was he came begging for a bit sport all cocky like he was going to cane me Ill have to tell him to go back to his bank manager and borrow some more money for a couple of turbos then he might stand a chance, I think the white wheel ones are the super touring ones 24V 195 BHP but there stats still dont give the 172 any worries unless your mad enough to go flat out against one.

ive raced a super touring one, was from a very slow speed as a truck infront of us turned off, as i was in 2nd to start it bogged a bit and he initially pulled away till i had a few more revs then i pulled him back in and went passed


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

ive kept up ok with the normal SRI, actually got ahead a little between 70-90 but then the bigger engine started to show me up.

I drove Ellas brothers Vectra GSI 2.5 24V - 195 bhp (I think). Sat there waiting for something to happen as the revs build up in gear........


I was very dissapointed - I expected it to pull like a train.

Felt very slow compared to the 172 but the 2.5 V6 does sound nice!