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Very cold.....

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I know the bonnet vent on my valver is there for a reason, but unless im stood in traffic my car never heats up. The temp never goes above the minimum mark....

Is this normal cos I noticed the pic of the valver doing 100mph and the temp was half???!!! If I was doing that speed, even after standing in traffic for ages the temp would be barely showing!

Cheers :)

Its pretty normal on my 16v for the temperature to stay really low unless Im moving. I even find that if Im moving, it still doesnt really rise until Im doing over 40mph for a while. Im always really careful to let the oil warm up on my car, as I plan to keep it for a very long time!

I find that the sort of oil you use really effects things too. I used 5w/50 fully synthetic last time and found that the engine temperature went right over 100degC really easily - and that the oil pressure stayed higher for longer.

I used a part synthetic 10w/40 at the last oil change. The temperature now rarely goes over 100degC and the oil pressure is usually about 0.5 to 1 bar lower (even at idle). I did replace most of the coolant system recently though, which may explain the temperature?
  clio 20v

id check your thermostat cos it could be stuck open this isnt good for your car really

the water temp should come up fairly quickly and settle between a quarter and the half way mark unless any1 knows differant

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Yeah the oil temp is normal, its the water temp that stays low. Like I said it only goes up if im in traffic or driving round fairly slow.

If my temps on half and I get on a dual carrigeway for example it goes down fairly quick. I thought it was probably due to the bonnet vent?

When I say it never heats up I mean the heater always blows cold(ish) air. Its nice and warm in traffic though so I know it works!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

sounds weird mate. Mine gets to about half way and pretty much stays there all the time once its warmed up. Admitadly it gets a bit warmer in the summer in traffic and stuff. even when im on dual carriageways or on the motorway cruisin at like 60 it stays about half way.

Get it checked mate. Just in case. it could be a dodgy gauge even. never know!

after a good long run in ya car. open the bonnet up as soon as u stop and look over and down at your manifold..... then youll know y... let me know....

I would check the water level, if its very low you might not get a reading but usually if its that low it would overheat... take the car for a 10 minuit run... stop and open the bonnet up and feel both coolant pipes coming off of the radiator.The one at the top and the one at the bottom (or how ever they are arranged on a valver) are they both warm/Hot? Sounds like a dodgy themostat to me... but usually the car should still warm up, it will just take longer.You could alway just replace the stat, they dont cost much.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Cheers for all the help, i did notice I was low on water. It wasnt too long ago when i topped it up though. Same thing still happening though. Next time I go for a spin ill check the maniford Ben J. Not sure what i should be expecting though?!?!? And ill check the pipes, cheers Locky!


try and find out if you are loosing coolant check it after a run, but dont run your baby with a small amount you dont want to hurt it.