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Video... my sunday drive last week.

hehe workin on it.

roads over here are busy during the day

and with roads barely wide enough for 2 cars... down the lanes, i think id rather keep my car for now ;)

just gotta get a descent road wwto get some speed

yeah, i hasd him hanging out the window to film the wheels lol. was feking hilarious... we weree all laughing in the car..

was a fun day...

there tons more scenes etc which i didnt add to ther clip... for size reasons.. woulda been major donwload required... just thought that was enough to make a cool vid.


pinnacle studio 8

u can edit a .avi.. or if u have a digital video camera.. it can capture it to ur harddrive.. and u can edit the individual scenes etc... pretty sweet!!

then once u made ur video.. u click create video... and then select windows media player format... and it processes the data suitable for streaming... for 56k modems/adsl etc.. its cool ;)

credit to my uncle for using his video camera for those wheel shots... we passed a few puddles on a few scenes... and almost had close calls for a soaking:eek:
  Mk2 172

Whooo 500kb/sec download speed :p


Wow a video with some effort into the editing put in!! Good soundtrack :)

And yes I can hear the induction roar very nice.

Can you make it a quicktime format as well?

I like those kinda videos..i have a good un going back from southend where my mate videod how well a Fusion Alien handled the speed of the Clio whilst tied to the aerial,lol.