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VIPER + 172 CUP = More Ins. Premium

  Tappd'd RS

Anyone got any idea how much it would cost to add a Pipercross VIPER induction kit to a 172 Cup and declare it with my insurance company (Tesco). My current premium is £1800 with 2 additional drivers.

Cheers :)


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Depends on the insurer...

Some companies will not allow any or certain mods, others allow them but charge and some will allow them with no charge.

Only thing to do is ring and ask! ;)

They charge based on the BHP percentage increase I think.

So it should be less than 10% power gain and I think I paid somewhere between £25 to £35 extra per year. Funny enough they wacked on about £60 for declaring the uprated suspension !

I guess this amount will be variable based on your own specific circumstances.

My insurers said £25 p/a for the Induction kit / Filter and £35 p/a for the Exhaust. Wierd, as the induction kit and filter give more power. I think it is the cosmetic thought, a new shiney exhaust means its more desirable to thiefs !!
  Clio 172 cup

I dont think there is much use declaring a mod like the viper, which only takes 5 minutes to change back to standard should an accident occur

simon is right tesco charge by the %bhp so even with exhaust and piper on you are still under the 10% rule which will be about £60 or so.
  Tappd'd RS

thanx guys - cuptastic- i dont have my cup yet and havnt bought the viper either - i was wondering how much it was gonna cost me b4 I buy it.