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Volvo 1.7Turbo

Why do people use the volvo lump over the 1.4Turbo lump from the ren5? Does the volvo engine have much tuning possibilities? I'd like to know as i'm thinking about putting one into a phase 1 megane coupe as a bit of a project.

And why only the 1.7, does the T4 or T5 volvo engines not fit or are too much work etc?

  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
the 1.7 is a renault engine. built for volvo by renault.

the 1.7 is abit more reliable than the gtt's engine and will take a bit more abuse.

the t5 engine is more expensive.

sounds like a good project keep us informed
Is the ECU remappable? they only seem to be around 120bhp as standard. I dont know how possible the project would be, for the conversion usually the clio driveshafts are used, but the megane has a wider track than the clio, so i dont know if megane shafts would fit into the box.
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
the 1.7 are pretty east to fit i hear and as said they are mapable.. you have to get that sorted or the overboost cuts in... they have 120bhp @ 4psi or so which means theres LOADS of room for more :D

theres a lad on the rtoc running great q/miles in his 1.7 renault 5