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Wahoo, 172 here I come...

  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Repost from previous thread...

Im eagerly awaiting delivery of a new black mk2 172 which I bought from a trade sales place in Crawley - £12.5k, full UK spec (so Ive been told!) apart from no thatcham cat1 alarm; I get full 3 year Renault warranty included.

Couple of questions:

Is the factory fitted immobiliser a thatcham cat2 one? If so Ive been told I can "upgrade" it to cat1 and save some cash.
Ive been offered an extra 2 year warranty by "Sure" or someone for £399 which includes wear and tear on most things except obvious things like tyres and pads which I get £359 back if I dont claim on it... is this worth taking up?
How longs should I run it in before I can rag it?! Obviously I dont wanna scew it but Ive heard that the harder theyre driven the better/sooner they become.
Whats the best way of keeping the std head unit and changer but adding an amp and sub; Im not sure if itll have pre-outs.
Will it have esp? And can I turn it off?!
Any sugegstions as to what I can do to contain my excitement until it arrives..?!
Nice one...