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Recently washing my cup i notice my back wheels have been very badly chip all round the wheel, caused by stones being thrown up by the front wheels,

so check your wheels

and let me know

How bizzare my wheels are fine but the arches just around the rear wheels close to the sills are getting chipped to hell! Has anyone found this, ps why cant we get mud flaps........!

I have noticed a few chips just in front of the rear wheels down low... I have also managed to pick up one chip on the front! Just going to keep polishing


Im back bloody computers,ye abbs ive got chip on my sills to , and mudflaps they told me to try rally style mudflap "as if" they then told me they would research 172 mudflaps let u know about them


I got a chip on my Cup today by the back wheel arch. I think it happened when I was booting it coming off a round about . Only had the Cup a week but will think twice about opening the throttle when the cars not pointing in a straight direction
  Clio 1.6 16V

I reckon your wheels are stuck out there a bit toooooo much compared to the 172. Over the last few weeks my 172 sounds like its been been well sandblasted under the arches up here in Jockland with all the bad weather and grit on the road chips on the rear arches though! Would be interested if mudflaps were available for the 172/Cup