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watch out @ york 172 boys :-)

  mk2 172

today was generally a sh*t day, one good thing happened tho, i saw a cup racing a sorted cav turbo, cup sounded awesome!(modded)

anyway, going back to the sh*t, i took my car to the dealers today to have a problem looked at, after f**kin about with test drives and inspections it seems iv killed my cat :-( replaceable under warranty tho. but it probs wont arrive in time for the rr day sob sob. now with all that honey sh*t collapsed inside power will be well down. so i was well gutted, then after a couple of texts to rhys and jon, the word was de-cat it. but thing is i want to see its standard power, but hell id rather see de-catted than fukt cat so i was on the phone to GMC straight away. got talkin and i mentioned my friendly rivalry with the 2.0 clios and i wanted a better top end as i tend to beat them off the line, but they reel me in top end so he reccomended a de-cat and sealed air induction kit. proven power time and time again on the dyno. not gonna work miracles but give me a bit more potency after 60 mph. so 280 quid later here i am:)

only problem is its a twin lambda cat so it may f**k up(i have one before and after cat) im risking it tho

so now a little poll. if my new cat comes in time should i run it on the rollers with the new cat or with my new mods? i really wanna see what it puts out standard

thanks in advance

  320d M Sport

mods!! who gives a fook what it is standard-no-one, not now that u 1/4 miled it at that time as well! id put the mods on and see, GMC-what a lovely bunch of guys....they badly need to S/C a 172 though,,,, hmmm
  320d M Sport

ps if u beat me at york you WILL be walking home,..... you have been warned! BTW i need some kinda map! dont havethe foggiest where im going?!?????:confused:
  mk2 172

cant see that happening paddy to be honest, beat you,errrrrrr maybe............., get a better time, definately not.

better get me a decat on the 172 then, is the GMC decat your getting a custom decat that the 2 lambda sensors connect into? where can i get one for the 172
  mk2 172

mat, apparently the second sensor does a check every once in a blue moon, depends on which software im running so they couldnt tell over the phone. but yes, iv got the option of adding the second one for 15 quid should it not work, what i believe happens is you seal the other sensor up, then should it detect the cat not working you just re-set it with cat back on and do it again. but chances are it wont come on. then i just get the other sensor attached for 15 quid and leave it plugged in. pretty pointless tho for the lil work involved. well see what appens eh. citroen keep tinkering with emission so it hard to tell.people have been driving around months without problems, lets just hope thats the case

Decat or no decat, that is the question, I am struggling to get one for my Cup no one says they are available, the twin lamda is very important on the Clio Cups apparently, any ideas would be appreciated...VTS munching time...
  mk2 172

lol tim, youd miunch me standard, but if i took a lead like i did against that cup at pod with my new mods hopefully id hold a cup off a little longer.

dont know how it works with clios but the first one does the normal lambda sensor job and the socond one check that th cat is funtioning properly. but on the saxo it does it every so often to see if things are in order. might even pass emissions without cat????????, not sure if sames applies to 172, but tim says might not be so simple on 172. only way to find out is try i spose. thats my theory but i got no choice

Um, ok been thinking.......

With the twin setup, its almost certain that the ECU wont check the after cat lambda when @ WOT. Right, so that means when the car is running closed loop and running the emissions levels its meant to, the ECU will probably do the checkup then right, to see if the cats working. SO, the readings will be almost linear, i.e. the 2nd lambda value will mostly be the same differentail reading from the 1st lambda reading,......if you get me! lol

O, nope, just thought, thats not going to work at all.....oh well, thought i had a cure for craggy, but i dont know how his ECU works.....bugger.....

Craggy only joking mate, the second lambda reading is evidently important for fuel economy and clean running, R sport said they tried to sort out the second lambda but had no luck, they contaced Devil who tried exactly the same with no avail. mailto:Neil@Prima">Neil@Prima said that superchips are doing an ECU Remap for the newer Clios and this would stop the ECU reading from the 2nd Lambda, I spoke to R sport about this and they said this would destroy fuel economy, anyway, would still love to decat if there is anyway. Tim O