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water got into the immobiliser


  '93 Clio 1.8 16v
I've searched but only came up with 100+ threads of 'my sunroof is leaking' lol. seems a common thing.

my problem is stupidity tho, I never closed the sunroof properly and that very night we had a typical scottish downpour. next day when braking or cornering I was getting SOAKED with water pouring on me.

I'm pretty sure the block thing in front of sunroof has full up of water because the remote central locking isn't working now, I have to use the key in the door to open it (so stoneage lol) - DO I, leave it to dry out and hope it starts working again? OR try and unbolt it somehow and get out any water still in there and blast it with hairdryer or sumthin.

anyone else had this? thanks