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Water Temp light and Oil level light...

  Clio 197

Both the water temp light and the oil light came on at the same time and stayed on despite plenty of oil in the sump and plenty of water in the rad. They stayed on for a short trip of a few miles, and then went off after I checked the car out after getting home. Is this a precursor of something big? It seemed strange that they both came on and stayed on then went out simultaneously.

Trip was to my local Renault Garage to pick up a little rubber exhaust hanger and I thought, a couple of the little slidy bits with the tiny spring clips for the rear brakes. Rubber bit no problem but the little bit for the brakes is in a kit that costs €48. Think Ill pass on that.

They gave me a brochure with the Ragnottis in it while I was there. Exactly the same as the Cup but with the steering on the other side.
  Clio 197

Buggers are still doing it. Noticed this morning that the water temp gauge light is out as well. The two red lights stayed on for about 30min. Then whe I stopped for petrol they didnt come back on. At the ring they came on once and stayed on for one lap but were off for the rest of the morning.

Anybody else have this problem? Intermittant things like this can be such a pain in the arse to trace...