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I have got a minor oil leak, but oil is seeping out of the front grill on the nearside.....anyone have any ideas what could be leaking!??! Ive never had oil leak out of a front grill before!!!

have you an oil cooler fitted ?? could be that.

best way to check for leaks is to clean all areas of the engine / box / cooler with gunk..

then observe for fresh leaks.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Is it not a pool left by driving without the filler cap on?? Sure it is engine oil and not the power steering fluid or gearbox oil? The colour and smell will tell you what it is. There is nothing down there that can leak, unless it is pissing out from somewhere else and ending up there.
  BMW 320d Sport

The only fluid near the nearside grille is the coolant from the top radiator hose. I would suspect that oils been splashing around from when you didnt have the cap on. A small amount of oil does go into the back of the airbox via a breather pipe near the end of the throttle body, although how that would end up leaking out of the grille I dont know.
  BMW 320d Sport

Then the only engine oil circuit that you have near the front of the car is the breather pipe in the back of the air filter. Next nearest is the oil filter on the front of the block under the inlet manifold.