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well fukt off!

  mk2 172

todays quest was to fix the rev counter, dismantled the dash and took out the dials, checked all the wiring etc then tried it after id beed playing, no joy. unplugged it all again then delved a little deeper to expose circuitry, re-soldered wire terminals, gave everything a slap and tested, still dont work. iso i then went on the quest round some scrappies to see if i could get one and strip out the rev counter bit to see if it is the dial thats knackered or summat in the engine bay wiring, guess what, every sh*tty old reno i found had a clock where there should be a tacho, why do people only smash up powerless models!!!!!!. so i went home and tried gettin it goin again and eventually gave in and put it all back together. guess ill be at york again without it. sh*t

i can hold up fingers when im racing you mate, if i hold up 7 fingers for 7000 you should have already changed :D

When I put a Set of dials out of a 1.4 S into my car, I had to get the rev counter converted to work with my ignition system - Thats only cus I didnt have a rev counter to start with though.

Craggy, I got that from a place in Heanor, Derby... When I went, they had a few with rev counters, and I remember seeing one from a Renault 19 16v... Was a few months back now though. Maybe you could try them?
Let me know if you want the number.

  clio 20v

just get 1 of them dodgy on dash tachos from places like a1 motorstores there only 20 quid, it wud do for the time being

then u could sell it to some gullible person with a 1.1 fiesta telling them it will make there car into a full on street racer (or maybe not)
  mk2 172

thats the thing adiclio, im not sure if its the rev counter or a fault where its fed from??????? auto electrics isnt my speciality