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Welsh Rally GB 09 (A bit late & Pic heavy)


  RB 182 Cup
So finally got round to uploading some of the pics I took on the day. Weather was a bit horrendous but made the woodland stages that bit more atmospheric.

Some of them are a bit dark, apologies, I've finally worked out how to adjust the apeture settings!

Also, it's quite hard to take pics of moving cars, hats off to those who do it well!

Imageshack is being a b**ch atm so I'll upload the rest when I can. Enjoy.


  RB 182 Cup
Was Port Talbot I forget the stage no.s

Most of us who went didn't order the tickets so had to shell out £20 per stage! Luckily 2 stages ran through the same area so we saw two, then headed down to Cardiff Bay to watch the mechanics work on the cars (which we missed) and the awards ceremony.

Did you go ph-reebone?


ClioSport Club Member
yeah mate
watched the 2 stages pass through sweet lamb on the friday then spent some time in the pits on saturday, did a co-drive at walters arena then watched halfway and back to the pits in the evening