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What a nightmare today.


ClioSport Club Member
So my car was booked in today to get my Milltek cat back fitted. :cool:

Turns out the standard system on there has been heavily welded together everywhere possible. Guy said it's bomb proof.

Also, that to get my standard back box off the cat will probably have to come off too. And that even if it doesn't get direct damage, the hammering and breaking of the rust and welds might cause the insides of the cat to come loose. Apparently it's going to take a good few hours to get it all cut off too :(

He said I should look into getting a new cat anyway. The one on there now has been on it's last legs for a while I think anyway.

But basically I've had to put off the Milltek fitting just in case the cat does get damaged and I cant get a replacement before my track day at Brands on Monday.

Shame really as I've been waiting for this to be made and delivered for weeks. Was really hoping it would be on before Brands Hatch. :dapprove:

But anyway I'm now after a second hand 182 cat as a back up in case my one gets fook'd. Where else can I look apart from the for sale section here obviously (where there isn't any I could find yet). I've tried Ebay, just new ones on there. My hunt continues.

New one from Milltek will take 3+ weeks to be made and delivered also and that's too long to wait!


rant over...
  george 172,205,metro
get the exhaust fitted anyway then worst case smash the cat insides out and go with that for the trackday, get the cat done after


ClioSport Club Member
I did consider decat, but just don't want to risk the noise being over the limit for the track day.

Addicted, I have no idea what you mean lol... I'm going to have a proper look under the car when I get in though and see how bad it looks.

If Fred was closer I would be going to him without a dought. Thought I'd stick with this place because it's local and they provide free fitting for the Milltek.
  nothing 😔
Or just cut the exhaust in bits. It tough steel apparently but it's very doable and easier!